Prenatal Massage

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At Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage, Prenatal Massage is performed by therapists trained in proper positioning and massage techniques to help you as your body changes throughout the different stages of your pregnancy.  More than just massage on a fancy cushion, your therapist understands how your changing center of gravity creates tension in different muscle groups, how the changes in hormones may affect your tendons, ligaments and joints, or how your increased blood volume may affect your circulation.  Your therapist will be able to apply specific massage techniques to help alleviate many of the common discomforts of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is often accompanied by emotional stress.  Prenatal massage can be effective in reducing levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.  Prenatal massage may also be effective in improving quality of sleep and relaxation, a welcome benefit especially in your third trimester.

In addition to performing prenatal massage, your therapist may be able to give you some tips on self-care techniques you can use at home, or direct you to different resources for helpful information.

Infant Massage

infant massage reno nvAfter your beautiful baby arrives you will want to schedule a session to learn simple massage techniques you can use at home to further develop that special bond (excellent for premature, low birth weight and/or colicky babies). Dads are encouraged to come too.