Traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Bo Rarn)

Often referred to as “Lazy Man’s Yoga”, Thai massage is an ancient form of bodywork characterized by the combination of rhythmic compression and yoga-like stretches aimed at stimulating the flow of energy throughout the body. The basic concept is that energy flows through our bodies along specific pathways, and where there are blockages to the flow of energy is where pain, discomfort and disease begin to form.  The compression, or acupressure is believed to help break up any blockages along the pathways, and the stretches then stimulate the flow of energy along those pathways.

Thai massage can be enjoyed by people of all levels of flexibility from ballerinas to grandmothers with bilateral knee replacements, and is ideal for anyone hoping to improve their flexibility and general range of motion.  With over 100 different movements and variations, Thai massage is highly adaptable to each individual’s specific needs, abilities and/or limitations.  Because Thai massage is performed fully dressed, it is a great form of bodywork for people who may be uncomfortable with other styles of massage.

While Thai massage is deeply relaxing, many people report feeling energized (and about 3 inches taller) after a session.  It is performed on a mat on the floor rather than on a table.  You should dress in comfortable clothing that will allow for freedom of movement (think Yoga class), long pants are preferred. Minimum session length for Thai massage is 90 minutes.

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