Therapeutic Massage

At Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage we believe all massage can be therapeutic, even the ones that sound like a fruit tray you would order at a tropical resort.  What makes a massage therapeutic is the intention behind the massage.  Therapeutic massage is goal oriented massage with a specific desired outcome.

When you arrive for your massage you will be asked what you would like to accomplish in your session, your massage goal so to speak.  Your therapist will then tailor that massage to your desired outcome.  You may have a long term goal that will be addressed over several sessions, such as reducing upper back tension caused by postural habits. You may have an immediate objective i.e. “I woke up this morning with a kink in my neck and can’t turn my head.”  Perhaps you’ve had a stressful week and simply want to decompress, relax and drift off to “LaLa Land”. Maybe you’ve decided to complete an iron distance triathlon, an ultra-marathon or a multistage cycling event and want to prevent potential injuries resulting from increased training load and intensity.  Each goal is different; therefore, the approach to and outcome of each massage will be different.

When you schedule a therapeutic massage at Connective Touch you can expect a session that is primarily based in Swedish technique which is characterized by 5 styles of soft tissue manipulation including gliding, kneading, friction, tapotement (rhythmic tapping) and joint movement.  These may be applied superficially or at greater depth of pressure depending on your specific needs.  Other techniques that may be incorporated in to your session are:

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