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Unlike my struggle to come up with a name for my new massage business, when it came time to decide on a logo I knew right away that I wanted a Celtic knot.  Seems kind of counterintuitive right.  After all, isn’t the idea to get rid of the knots?  Allow me to explain…

A few months before I started massage school (about a million years ago), I got married.  When my husband and I were looking at wedding rings I knew I wanted something with a bit of decoration.  I wanted to have matching rings, so I didn’t want the decoration to be too frilly.  I remembered seeing a jeweler at an Irish festival that had rings with scrolling knot work on them, and since both my husband and I are of Irish heritage I thought that would be a nice tie in to the design.

KnotsSo I began to do some research about the meaning of the various knots.  While you can find knots that are named for saints and knots that are named for locations, it is difficult to find a specific knot that has a specific meaning.  Instead, the general concept of the Celtic knot being one or several ribbons with no apparent beginning or end, and the continual looping of the ribbons over each other represent ideas of continuity and interconnectedness.  Perfect symbol for marriage, but what about a therapeutic massage business?

If you read my previous post you are familiar with my view that it’s all connected.  In the literal sense, you know the tissues are connected to each other and therefore effect each other’s ability to function.  But what about the not so literal sense of interconnectivity?  The mind, body, spirit connection.  Picture someone at their computer with a deadline looming in their head.  How does that stress effect their posture? How does that stress effect their sleep, their nutrition?  Or what about the athlete who has an old knee injury? Even if the injury has healed, how does it affect the athlete’s confidence moving forward?  As a massage therapist, it is important to not only understand the structural nature of my client’s complaint, but what other factors in their present life or history may be contributors.   Because like the continual looping of the Celtic knot…it’s all connected.

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