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May marks my 5 year anniversary in Reno. Remarkably, it also marks my 25th year as a Licensed Massage Therapist. In 1998, I signed up for massage school on a whim. I never imagined what an amazing journey it would be.


Educating Hands, Where It All Began

I received a fabulous education from my teachers at Educating Hands, for which I am grateful. The knowledge, passion and wisdom they shared became the foundation of a career I have loved since the beginning. I remember the day Iris said, “There will come a day when giving massage is as good for you as it is for the receiver.” It took a year or two for me to realize that she was telling the God’s honest truth. I can hear Penny, in her beautiful Jamaican accent, gently correcting my body mechanics by stating, “Meaghan, your shoulders don’t make good earrings.” Sandy always encouraged me to look at things from a different perspective, a new paradigm, creative solutions.

Opportunities Abound

So many opportunities are a direct result of my choice of career as a massage therapist. Learning Thai massage in Thailand ranks high among them. Teaching triathletes the benefits of Thai massage was the kickstart to my personal venture into the sport of triathlon, which I enjoyed for years. I was able to marry two loves when I traveled to Lake Placid, New York to provide sports massage to competitors at Ironman North America.

Providing infant and prenatal massage at the Touch Research Institute was incredible. It was exciting to be involved in the research on the effects of touch on health. While volunteering as a massage therapist at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, I met so many courageous and inspiring service members. It was there that I learned about Fisher House Foundation. I then went on to run in the Marine Corps Marathon and the Army Ten Miler as a fundraiser for that amazing organization.

Most recently, I have had the incredible opportunity to give back to the profession I love so much by teaching. Every day that I teach, I learn so much. It is my hope that I can spark passion and curiosity in these students the way my teachers spark me.


While driving to the office the other day, I saw a car with a vanity plate that read, “WRKSUKS.” I laughed out loud and gratefully thought to myself, “Not for me!” I can honestly say that the cliche’ about loving what you do means you’ll never work another day in your life, rings true for me. I’m so glad I acted on that whim 26 years ago.

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