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At this time of Thanksgiving, many of us like to express gratitude by giving back to others. Some may volunteer at a shelter or donate canned goods to a food bank. Some people write checks to their favorite charity.  As a Massage Therapist, I like to donate massage gift certificates.

There are a few charities that Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage supports each year by donating massage gift certificates.  The gift certificates are auctioned at the annual fundraising events for each charity.  This year, when I was approached by one of the charities for my annual contribution, I contemplated how my small donation makes a difference.

Who Benefits From My Donation

  • The Population the Charity Supports-  I recently found out that a Gift Certificate Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage donated to a favorite charity raised $400 alone. Multiply that by the all of the other items that were auctioned, and the charity raised several thousand dollars to provide for wounded service men and women.
  • The Charity– When a charity holds a fundraising auction, the more auction items they have, the more potential bidders they will attract.  Items that have a broad appeal (like massage sessions) will attract more bidders.  More bidders increase the potential for a bidding war. Bidding wars create an exciting buzz in the crowd.  People get engaged and have a fun experience which they will remember next year when it’s time to buy tickets to the event.
  • My Business- In exchange for donating an item to the charity event, Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage was listed in the event program.  Also, a sign with my business logo, web address and a description of  services was posted on the auction floor next to the Gift Certificate. People who are passionate about a cause typically will do business with a company that also supports that cause. Therefore, Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage was promoted not only to the winning bidder, but to all who attended the event.
  • The Winner of the Gift Certificate- Recently, a client came in to redeem a gift certificate he had won at a charity event.  He was a busy professional, trying to balance all of the demands of work, family life, and community involvement. Isn’t it great that his donation to charity had the added benefit of getting a service that he certainly needed?

Next year, as I prepare to make my charitable donations I will remember that every little bit helps. And sometimes it helps more than we realize.

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