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At this time of year, it is easy to get stressed out and bogged down in all the details of planning the perfect holiday celebration, that you are left unable to enjoy the very celebration you are planning. So I want to share this simple recipe I found (author unknown) to help you remember all of the key ingredients for a happy holiday season.

4 cups of Good Memoires
2 Tablespoons of Joy
1 cup of Relaxation
3 Tablespoons Anticipation
a dash of Faith
2 1/2 cups of “Jolly” beans
a splash of Eggnog
1 barrel of Good Cheer
An assortment of good friends and loving family

1. Take Good Memories and Joy, mix thoroughly
2. Add Relaxation
3. Blend Anticipation and Faith
4. Fold in “Jolly” Beans and Eggnog
5. Sprinkle abundantly with Good Cheer
6. Garnish with friends and family
7. Bake with Love

Serving size: makes enough to last the whole year.
If you have any difficulty finding the ingredients, many can be found at Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage in Reston, VA

Wishing you Peace, Love and all of the Joy of the Christmas season!

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