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We’ve all heard the phrase, “Ask and you shall receive.” While there are no guarantees, asking for what you want greatly improves the odds that you will get it. This is certainly the case when it comes to your massage.

My husband and I recently took advantage of a spa package that included a couple’s massage. This was our first couple’s massage, so I gave my husband instructions not to chat with me during the session. I had traded massage with a friend of mine earlier that week, so most of my kinks had already been worked out.  I was looking forward to simply relaxing and enjoying this therapist’s approach to my body.

Our therapists brought us to the massage room and went through the normal routine of asking about any health issues, giving instructions on where to hang our robes, etc.  I remember my therapist telling me to let her know if I would like deeper or lighter pressure during the massage.  We began face-up and she started by working my neck and scalp. It was wonderfully relaxing, and her quality of touch soon had me drifting off to La-La Land.

After a while I turned face-down, she began working on my upper back.  She found the spot. You know the one, just between your shoulder blade and spine.  She worked around it, not going too deep and then proceeded to another area.  A few minutes later she came back to the spot.  Something called her back there.  Again, she worked the spot for a bit, but never worked deeper.  It wouldn’t have taken much, just a little more pressure; but no, it wasn’t to be.  She moved on.

Afterward, hubby and I were talking about our massages and I mentioned that I wished she had just gone a little deeper in the spot.  It was obvious that she sensed something there, because she kept coming back to it.  He asked, “Well why didn’t you tell her to go deeper?”  Good question, why didn’t I?  After all, she did invite me to let her know if I wanted more or less pressure.  Maybe I didn’t want to risk her saying, “We can upgrade you to a deep tissue massage if you’d like.” Yes, I have heard that one before.  Mostly I think I just didn’t want to break the relaxation.  Unfortunately, my silence kept a good massage from becoming a great one.

At Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage, the goal is to always provide an excellent experience.  Whether you are a first time client or you have been coming for years, I will always ask what you want to accomplish in your massage session.  That may change from session to session, or even within a session.  So please don’t hesitate to ask for what you want to receive. I never want your experience to be remembered as the good massage that COULD HAVE BEEN great.


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