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Massage Therapy Research Influencing Policy

Recently, the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) released guidelines for the education of health care providers on many non-drug options for treating pain. The guidelines were developed with input from representatives from the Complementary and Integrative Health community (including the American Massage Therapy Association AMTA) This is a big step in the right direction.  I am glad that the AMTA has been an active participant in the process. Research continues to show that massage is effective in the treatment of pain. Read more about AMTA’s involvement in solving the opioid crisis.

A Step In The Right Direction

While this is a big step, it is just that, a step on a long road toward solving the opioid crisis.  Educating people on alternatives to opioids for the treatment of pain is wonderful.  But my dream is that someday the conversation and the resources will be focused on educating people on the prevention of pain in the first place.

A Future Focused on Prevention

The great news is that it’s happening.  But it’s not happening where you might expect. In my opinion, it is employers who are leading the conversation when it comes to wellness and preventive health.  Employers know that happy, healthy employees are more productive. More productivity directly impacts their bottom line.  Companies are investing in the health and well-being of their workforce, far beyond offering health insurance and flexible spending accounts.  If you follow this blog, you may remember a post I wrote on the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce Healthy Workplace Initiative  This program recognized companies large and small for innovative workplace wellness programs.  Individuals are given incentives and in some cases are even being financially reimbursed for making healthy lifestyle choices.  A client recently told me that his company will reimburse him several hundred dollars each year for anything wellness related.  He hasn’t decided if he will use it to buy a bike….or a massage package at Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage.

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