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I recently read a fantastic blog post by Sally Fraser Wellness where she questions the “Band-Aid Approach” that is often practiced in the American healthcare system. Her post was spurred by the recent removal of a common heartburn medication from pharmacy shelves. The main point of her post is to question why, as a society, are we okay taking medications with potentially deadly side-effects, when they often don’t solve the root problem. They simply mask the symptoms of the problem.

Short term solutions may create long term problems

The short answer is that it is fast and we feel better.  More holistic approaches may take longer and involve what are often perceived as restrictive behavioral changes. But in the long term, we have ignored a signal from our body that something is not right and needs to be fixed. If we continue to ignore that signal, the problem will likely persist and may eventually become worse.

No Band-Aids Here

I feel the same way about my approach to massage.  If you arrive at my office with back pain, I can give you a massage and you will most likely feel better for a day, two or maybe even three.  But if we don’t look into the cause(s) of that back pain and seek ways to remedy it, the pain will often return or even get worse. For some pain, a good massage and a warm bath with Epsom salts will do the trick. Other situations might require more work, or even collaboration with your physical therapist, chiropractor or other trusted healthcare provider.

The process may take some time, it may involve some behavioral changes like adjusting postural habits or incorporating stretching and strengthening exercises.  But the long-term benefits are worth it. Together, we can work to uncover the cause of your pain, work with you to eliminate it, and identify strategies to prevent future pain or injury. Ultimately, my hope is that you will come to Connective Touch because you WANT a massage, not because you NEED a massage.


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