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Massage During the Off Season

Winter is considered the “off season” for many warm weather athletes. It’s the season when you may take time off to allow your body to recover from the effects of intense training. If you experienced a sports injury, this may be when you plan for surgery and/or rehabilitative therapy. Massage therapy can help you be ready for your next training and competition season.

Massage For General Recovery

Athletes of all levels experience the common aches and pains of the physical demands of their sport. A massage can help relax stressed muscles and stressed minds. It can also increase local circulation to tendons and ligaments bringing oxygenated blood and nutrients. These are essential for healthy tissue development and repair.

Massage for Postoperative Recovery

No athlete wants to have surgery. But sometimes it is necessary.  Massage can be beneficial in all stages of postoperative recovery from acute to rehabilitation and beyond. Immediately after surgery massage directly to the site is not appropriate. However, as long as there are no complications from surgery, massage to other parts of the body can help minimize muscular tension resulting from compensation. Once the surgical incision is fully closed, properly performed massage can help with the development of healthy, non-restrictive scar tissue. In the rehabilitation stage, massage therapy in conjunction with exercises prescribed by a physical therapist can promote healthy tissue repair, improve mobility and reduce pain.

Make the Most of Your Off Season

So if this winter has you hitting the ski slopes, schedule a massage as part of your après ski. Your muscles will thank you as you look forward to the next outing.  But if this winter has you recovering and rehabilitating, sports massage therapy can help get you ready for the next season of training and competition.



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