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With the kids back in school and the cooler temperatures in the air, it’s hard not to think about Autumnal things like craft festivals, Halloween pumpkins and of course, the dreaded cold/flu season. People often ask if it is good to get a massage when you have a cold.

There are many different theories about the effects of massage therapy on an ailing body. Some folks believe that your cold/flu symptoms will come on stronger if you get a massage, but that your cold will be shorter in duration. Some believe that getting a massage while sick will overstress an already compromised immune system. I’m not sure how much science there is to back either of those theories, so I will simply give you my professional opinion about whether or not it is good to get a massage when you have a cold….absolutely NOT! My reasons listed below are mainly selfish in nature, and I’m okay with that.

1) I do not want to be exposed to any more germs than necessary. Nor do I want any of my clients to be exposed, especially my prenatal clients who cannot take many of the OTC cold remedies available to ease the symptoms.

2) When you have a cold, placing your face in the cradle will be very uncomfortable as you will either become painfully congested, or you will have to lift your head frequently to blow your runny nose.

3) $$$$$- If one client cancels a massage because they are sick I lose one session’s worth of revenue. If I get sick and have to cancel my appointments, not only do you miss out on your massage, but I lose 1, 2, 3..days worth of revenue.

So if you are running a fever, have a productive cough, a scratchy throat or can’t go more than a few minutes without sneezing or blowing your nose, please call and cancel your massage appointment. I will be more than happy to reschedule you for a session after you are over your cold so that we can ease those achy muscles and joints.

My hope is that because you are getting regular massages you already have a strong immune system. I have been, and will continue to diffuse my favorite immune boosting/germ killing essential oil blend in the office throughout cold/flu season. Together lets minimize the potential impact of the dreaded cold/flu season, so that we can spend more time enjoying the beauty of Autumn.

(An Irish toast to health)

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