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Self Care Isn’t Selfish

I have seen the meme, “Self-Care Is Not Selfish” show up on virtually all social media outlets that I subscribe to. Often it is accompanied by the analogy of the airline safety instructions to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. It seems that people are beginning to take this advice to heart.


Statistics: Who is getting massage and why?

Every two years, the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), publishes an Industry Fact Sheet identifying trends in the massage industry. The trends are based on data collected from consumer surveys. In the last decade, the statistics have shown that people who get massage are doing so more for health and wellness reasons, rather than pampering. According to the 2021 Industry Fact Sheet, 63% of massage therapy consumers say they get massage for health reasons and have discussed massage with their doctor. The most common health issues consumers seek massage for are pain relief and stress reduction. In the 2021 survey, for the first time since the AMTA has been conducting consumer surveys, men are more likely to get massage than women. And 75% of men who get massage, do so for health reasons. According to the data, men are also more likely than women to discuss massage as a self-care option with their doctor.


Other Approaches

It is not just massage therapy that people are turning to for their self-care and wellness needs. Participation in practices such as meditation, yoga, tai chi and qigong is increasing amongst both women and men. Doctors and other health practitioners are more likely to suggest these techniques, as they are encouraged to seek non-narcotic approaches to pain management.


What’s the Hesitation?

These trends are encouraging, but many people still have a hard time getting into the habit of putting self-care on the top of their To Do list. Clients often say to me, “I have been meaning to get in on a more regular basis, but…” or “I want to book another appointment, but I would hate to have to cancel.” It is easier to cancel an appointment than it is to book one last minute. Business owners appreciate that clients want to respect our time and do not want to have to cancel an appointment. But we also know that occasionally life happens and we will not be offended if you should need to cancel.

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